Our funding organisation:

The comprehensive and specialist supervision over the child day care centres Droste-Hülshoff-Strasse and Kiebitzweg is guaranteed by the independent body “Kindertagesstaette Werl-Nord e.V.”
Kindertagesstätte Werl- Nord e.V.

Kindertagesstätte Kiebitzweg 10
Kindertagestätte Droste-Hülshoff-Straße 1
59457 Werl
Telephone: 02922/1254 or 85100
E- Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Represented by the board of directors:

Ms. Elisabeth Koepsel (Chair)
Ms. Sonja Roels (Vice-Chair)
Ms. Annette Krillke
Ms. Marianne Fiedler

Educational basic attitude and objectives

  • Development of the child's ego and the identity itself of the child
  • Development and advancement of social relationships of the children
  • Coexistence of children, with and without disabilities and adults
  • Communication of integrated education (language, sciences, motor skills, music, mathematics…) taking into consideration the age and individual level of development of each child, according to the education plan NRW (current version)
  • Communication of the basic Christian ideals of faith, hope and love on various levels (integrated), affective (emotional)
    • emphatic (insistent)
    • action-oriented (own actions and behaviour)
    • interactive (dealing with others)
    • cognitive (recognizing and understanding)
    • with regard to the religious affiliation of the individual child
  • faithful cooperation with our funding organisation, our educational employees and legal guardians
  • functional structuring and use of the rooms,the fittings and the outside space
  • regular team work and vocational as well as personal development/further education of the active employees
  • cooperation with other specialist disciplines (therapists, doctors, psychologists…)specialist advice and institutions