Family Centre Werl-Nord

Settling in a child, the beginning in the nursery

Starting in the nursery

The first days in the nursery signify great change for the child and the family.
In order to treat this situation sympathetically and to build a trusting relationship between the educational staff, the child and the parents we take the time for an individual settling in phase based on the needs of the children and parents.

In this we focus on the “Berlin Settling in Model” with the principle of the “mentor” - the main contact.

Only when the child has accepted the educational staff member, allows her to comfort and calm them in this period of separation, plays in the daily routine and makes contact with the other children  and shows confident behaviour in the easting and sleeping phase, only ten can we speak of successful settling in.

The main focus of our cooperation with the family lies in mutual reflections, daily arrangements and a regular exchange of information during the bring and pick up phase.


Switch from the crèche to the Ü3 group

Before children switch from the crèche to the Ü3 (over 3) group the parents are informed in detail about the transition phase and invited to sit in the group.

The children are accompanied regularly in the new group by their mentor from the U3 (under 3) in order to play and get to know their new surroundings.

Also in the Ü3 area we work according to the principle of the mentor – which means that a certain member of staff is the main contact for the child and the parents. This guarantees reliability and continuity.