Family Centre Werl-Nord

Cooperation with the parents

Close cooperation of the educational staff and the parents of each single child is extremely important from the beginning. The parents are “experts of the children,” their wishes, ideas and needs which we take seriously.t

Parents can expect from us that

  • they are informed about the development of their child.
  • the child receives integrated support.
  • the staff have time for an exchange of views.
  • the work at the nursery is transparent.
  • there is relief and support in their job of raising their child.

Settling in a child, the beginning in the nursery

The first days in the nursery signify great change for the child and the family. In order to treat this situation sympathetically and to build a trusting relationship between the educational staff, the child and the parents we take the time for an individual settling in phase based on the needs of the children and parents.
In this we focus on the “Berlin Settling in Model” with the principle of the “mentor” - the main contact.