Family Centre Werl-Nord

Our attitude and role in the daily routine of the nursery

We have high demands on professional and human competence of our educational staff with a respectful, observant, demanding and supportive attitude in the daily routine of the nursery.
We have a positive basic attitude and deal with each child in its surroundings in an impartial, benevolent and appreciative manner and respect the child as a whole. Each child should feel embraced and taken seriously only then can the child develop self-confidence and healthy self-awareness.

Further development of the team

In order to reach our educational and occupational objectives we have to take part in further education courses, specialist conferences and read professional literature.
All the educational staff have completed training as a physical activity supervisor at level B “Movement Education in the small Child and Pre-School Age” and  have various further qualifications and have completed certified further training courses. This includes:
parent companion, small child pedagogue, specialist for U-3 (under 3), social business administrator, business administrator for education, prevention specialist for child welfare, KIDZELN-multiplicator (she is trained to explain dementia to children).