Family Centre Werl-Nord

Our nursery – a place to live together

Our guiding Principles

  • guided toward the individual child with its independent development of personality, its needs, feelings, interests and abilities
  • build on close cooperation with the parents
  • build on flexible and good cooperation as a team
  • see the need for networking with other institutions
  • offer a room concept and interior design suitable for the age and interests of the children

Educational Key Objectives

  • Children experience  the feeling of being wanted.
  • Children receive individual mentoring and support according to the demands of their development and circumstances.
  • Children expand their abilities to learn, their knowledge and their practical abilities.
  • Children experience values and norms in the sense of basic Christian attitudes and upbringing in due consideration of other cultures and religions.
  • Families receive support in the upbringing of their child.
  • Cooperation with the parents takes place through collaboration, dialogue and exchange of views.

Parents want only the best for their child – so do we! In our facility we do that together.