Family Centre Werl-Nord

Acknowledged Motion Nursery with the Plus of Nutrition

Certification 28th March 2014

Space and time for integrated development

“Tell me and I will forget. Show men and I will remember.
Let me do and I will understand!“

- Confucius


Through movement children experience themselves and their environment, go through their own strengths and weaknesses and acquire ideal conditions for their mental and spiritual development.

Our children are always on the move:

  • All day long the children have a range of diversely equipped motion and play areas at their disposal.
  • In some areas particular materials are available o the children. Pikler and Hengstenberg motion materials made of untreated wood: toddler toys, soft cloth cubes, Pikler triangles, arch ladders, tumbling wooden forms, building and balancing boards, stools, chicken ladders., balancing beams, ladders. The children combine them again and again to form a new motion landscape. The children probe and try out.
  • With the older children we go regularly to the gym of the local primary school to enable us to offer particular movement.
  • In our outside area close to nature which particularly inspires movement the children can find a rope area, various swing and play apparatus, various play and natural materials like for example tree trunks and planks, vehicles and lots of nature with hedges and bushes.
  • The outer area is designed so that the children can enjoy themselves moving around outside in all weathers.

Offers for Parents and Children:

  • Motion offers in cooperation with the DJK Werl
  • Motion offers with the Sports Award: Kibaz (Children's Motion Award)
  • Play and Motion Fests: Sports Family Fest, Children's runs
  • Sport and motion offers for parents

Plus Nutrition

Tasty and healthy nutrition in the day-to-day nursery

The food range and eating culture in the nursery is determined in the main by the state of nutrition and health as well as the eating habits of the children. Conscious eating is fun and promotes social and emotional competence. The topic of nutrition and diet is integrated into daily life of the children according to their age in a playful manner.

>>We cook for and with the children<<

The “tasty sandwich box” is a daily invitation to breakfast with friends at the breakfast table. On a weekly basis we have breakfast all together. The children bring fruit and vegetables to the nursery and prepare the meal together with the teachers. Every morning there is a plate with freshly cut fruit and vegetables on the breakfast table.

Our lunch is prepared and cooked ourselves freshly on a regular basis and supplemented with our salads and herbs from our raised beds and herb spirals. The aromas from the kitchen attract the children and whet their appetites for lunch. There is fresh fruit for dessert.


For our snack the children have a choice of various things: colourfully spread sandwiches, quarks and yoghurts, fruit salad, muesli, home made birthday cake and lots more. These snacks are prepared regularly together with the children.

The meals and snacks on offer are balanced and varied.

Drinks oasis: All day long the children have drinks available (water, unsweetened tea and milk for breakfast)

Our table culture:

  • In the dining rooms available for meals there is attractive crockery of porcelain, jugs and bowls of glass, the appropriate cutlery, serviettes and flowers.
  • The children choose the food and drinks in quantities suitable for themselves, serve themselves and are encouraged to try different food, decide themselves what they like and what they would like to eat.
  • We make sure that the tables and chairs are available according to the individual height of the child.

Parents can expect us to

  • inform them on the nutritional concept of the nursery.
  • discuss the eating habits of their children right from the start.
  • ensure that the menu includes ideas of the children.
  • observe any food intolerance and diet instructions of the children.
  • inform them of the menu.
  • run information events and provide dietary advice in the nursery.

Nibble garden in the nursery
Our kitchen garden with raised beds, herb spirals and a greenhouse  we look upon as a foundation for dealing with the topics of a healthy diet, free range produce, home grown fruit and vegetables and the cycle of the seasons.
The children enjoy nature and can hardly wait to get into the garden to pick herbs, nibble strawberries, raspberries and grapes and have a lot of fun tending the garden.

Our team is especially qualified in the field of furthering motion and nutrition and take part regularly in further training courses.