Family Centre Werl-Nord

Fair Nursery

At play the children learn that food and clothing have an origin and that people in other parts of the world ensure that we have e.g. bananas, cocoa, tea, but also cotton for our T-shirts. They learn to understand the connections in our global world and to sharpen their sense of justice, to treat the diversity in the world with respect and to find out about the ways of acting and trading in solidarity.  Projects in the field of for example electricity, water, paper and recycling are carried out with the children to increase their awareness for these topics in daily life.

Since certification our offer of tea and coffee comes exclusively from fair trade. Furthermore, we ensure that our purchases comes from the regional area and we try to make parents and children aware of this topic. In this regard, we cooperate with a farmer from Werl, a bakery, a butcher, a fish farm and a food shop who supply us directly with fruit and vegetables and fresh food from our region.