Family Centre Werl-Nord

The Guiding Principle of the KiTa Kiebitzweg

To understand the difference of the other person as an enrichment of our own being:
to understand each other, to communicate with each other,
to become acquainted with each other,
therein lies the future of the human race
Rolf Niermann


All people are of equal value.

  • Children with or without a disability should live with each other free of fear and prejudice, learn from each other and help one another.
  • Cooperation of all the participants is the basis for successful activity with the child and its legal guardian.
  • Trusting interaction in the team is an essential foundation for our Christian educational work driven by the situation and makes cooperation easier.  The rights of the child are specified by law and its regulatory statutes in the  Kinder- und Jugendhilfegesetz (KJHG) (Child and Youth Welfare Law) and in the Kinderbildungsgesetz (KiBiz)(Children's Education Law).

In the context of society with the various facilities and persons we comply with this service and assistance.

In an appreciative, loyal, accepting cooperation and clear regulation of competence is how we approach mutual contact and constant exchange on events and concerns of the facility between parents, staff, management and responsible governing body.

The constant changes that result from in part from factors that cannot be influenced (laws, number of children.......), carry us forward in to the future together with our own dynamic innovative ideas.