The daily routine in the KiTa Kiebitzweg

The daily routine in the KiTa Kiebitzweg (short version)

7.00 hrs.
The nursery opens
Early morning staff receive children in an all-in-one group.
7.30 hrs.
Internal group reception
All the children are supervised in their own groups.
Breakfast starts.
8.00 - 9.00 hrs.
free play, breakfast time
Therapeutic & special educational support

At 9.00 hrs. the Kita door closes.
9.00 - 11.30 hrs.
Thematic projects
Breakfast time ends. The daily routine consists of daily free play, development appropriate and educational offers, therapeutic and special educational support, above which there are thematic projects as well as playing outside.
11.30 hrs.
The day care centre children meet in their groups to have lunch together. Afterwards they clean their teeth.
12.30 - 14.00 hrs.
Rest period, collection time
According to their age the children decide themselves whether they want to rest/sleep or play quietly in a clam atmosphere.
Midday children are collected at 12.30 hrs.
ab 14.00 hrs.
Snack, collection time, projects
After play and getting up the children get a small snack. Special offers are available to the children on some afternoons. In this period we also have various offers for parents such as lectures and parents courses. Start of the collection period.
16.15 hrs.
Start of the all-in-one group
Start of the all-in-one group which changes from week to week between the Raben or the Rotkehlchen group rooms. Late service takes charge of the children.
17.30 hrs.
The KiTa closes
After all the children have been collected, the nursery closes at 17.30 hrs. As a special service of the family centre we offer supervision in marginal periods on Thursday until 18.30 hrs.