Family Centre Werl-Nord

Outstanding features of the KiTa Kiebitzweg

Seeing the difference of the other person as an enrichment.

Literature Nursery

Our facility was certified as the 100th Literaturkita in the Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe (Regional Authority) in February 2018 and we received our certificate from the County Commissioner of this regional authority, Birgit Westers.

Book Kindergarten

In November 2019 our facility was awarded the seal of quality “Book Kindergarten at the Frankfurt Book Fair by the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels und des deutschen Bibliotheksverband (dbv) (the German Publishers & Booksellers Association and the German Library Federation).
In our nursery early childish experience around book, recounting, rhyme and writing culture take on a particular importance.


We are a child care facility that operates inclusively. Inclusion means for us that each individual child has to be picked up in its own situation in life and has to be taken seriously with its own conditions and its individual requirements and capabilities.

Special Education

The job of special education is to support people in their living environment. The disability / impairment is not in the foreground, rather the person with their requirements, their interests and opportunities.

Free, but Christian oriented

Festivals structure a year for children in easily understandable periods. They invigorate, structure the day and offer children orientation and security.